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Osaka is the second-largest city in Japan. However, it has the highest rate of crime of any city in Japan.How to make emergency calls to the Osaka prefectural police is described on the home page. There is a description of the emergency call to the Osaka prefectural police home page.The police of telephone There are interpreters.Emergency calls can be connected to mobile phone roaming services. Japan was  reduced the number of a public telephone because the mobile phones had become popular.When you want to call the police and ambulance urgently and you don’t have a roaming service that can make calls in Japan, it is necessary to ask a passerby to make a phone call for you. Most Japanese people will be able to help because they have a cell phone. However, many Japanese people speak only Japanese. Many Japanese people do not speak English. Possession of a knife or other weapon, even for self-defence, is prohibited by Japanese law. Japan is a relatively safe country, but it is prudent to not enter potentially dangerous streets and buildings.